A change is as good as a rest

I’ve been away since the middle of last week. I was born and grew up in the in the North East, then I moved away 30 years ago but still love to go back. It’s where my family live and one friend in particular (Rapper’s delight, see last post) I still see regularly. So it was good to have a break. We set off last Wednesday and by the time we got near to Darlington there was snow on the ground.

It was a good few days; I had a lovely family supper, popped round to catch up with my pal for coffee, that was nice,  another girl I hadn’t seen for years happened to be there at the same time. I enjoyed the chat, very relaxing.

We had booked to go to a village pub for Saturday evening’s meal but both my family and friends hinted that we had picked somewhere that wasn’t very good and after several suggestions and a few failed booking attempts, we finally got in to eat at The County in Aycliffe Village. I was told it was good and despite having to eat early as it was fully booked  it was a lovely evening. I later looked it up and found that Tony Blair had taken Jacques Chirac there. It was locally produced food and very tasty.

I also went to a café  with my Mum and Sister, (seems I did  little other than eat and talk on this break!) there was a wide choice of homemade cakes and it was a relaxing place to chat and drink tea. Speaking of cakes…

We came home and I found a bunch of over ripe bananas in the fruit bowl, I had intended to take them to eat on the journey and forgot, so here they were  looking very much past their best. As the weather was so miserable this afternoon and I had the afternoon at home, I decided to make a banana and walnut loaf, cosy comfort food:

I used a recipe book that I’ve been using for many years, the old ones are the best!:

Walking the dog isn’t much fun in weather like today’s, for me, or him, because he’s recently had his hair cut.

The B52’s sang about Quiche la Poodle: Has anybody seen a dog dyed dark green. ‘Bout two inches tall, with a strawberry blonde fall; Sunglasses and a bonnet and designer jeans with appliques on?…Yes, well that’s nothing like Ziggy, who is scruffy and boisterous and more to the point wouldn’t sit still at the groomers, he ended up having to be shaved right down the front because no way was he sitting still at the hairdressers. He’s looking quite smart though:

In typical form, he’s gone from the laziest ever, ‘I’m just part of the carpet’ to, can I hear someone coming? To I think I’ll look out of the window to check! He looks so funny standing looking out of the window and it’s a daily ritual.

Well that’s about the lot, I’m off to sit and watch Only Connect and fail to answer anything much as usual I expect.

Have a good one xx


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vix says:

    You’ve got a poodle! Now I like you even more! Ziggy is adorable and I’m not sure what’s making my mouth water more, your baking or that delicious patchwork of tiles!
    Your trip back home sounds lovely. I’ve never been that far north. xxx


  2. He’s a real character, I’m glad you like him! I love going back to the north and don’t get there as often as I’d like. Xx


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