Time will pass you by

I’ve been reminiscing over the past couple of days. It all started when I was clearing out a cupboard and I came across an old skirt. Not just any skirt mind you, this skirt has been with me since I was 15, it was made to dance in, specifically to Northern Soul dance in. I loved Northern Soul when I was that age and this skirt was perfect, it’s black taffeta on the outside with a red lining:

It got a new waistband years ago and since the new one was a bit bigger I just about fit into it now. Its the only piece of clothing I’ve ever kept for so long and It hasn’t seen the light of day for years.

I would go into the local record store to order records and the title of this blog is taken from the song by Tobi Legend:


Those were the days, or they were until my fickle teenage heart was stolen by the likes of the Cure, Echo and the Bunnymen, Joy Division, Prefab Sprout, Siouxsie and the Banshees..I could go on… as the 70’s turned into the 80’s.

This was then consolidated by The Smiths, the Blow Monkeys and many others. Music from a particular time evokes memories in the same way as smell does and it transports me back to my younger self:

I loved buying records. The one on the right cost a princely 99p and showcased music by the likes of the Marine Girls, one of whom, Tracey Thorn, who also featured as a solo, I would listen to endlessly to her album ‘A distant shore’. I still like most of the music I listened to then and play it a lot and I still love to find new music to add to my favourites.

The beginning of the 70’s was a time before I had developed my own taste in music but one of my first musical memories was my Aunt singing ‘Lily the Pink’, so that must have been at the end of the 60’s, or she may have been singing it later but it was a distant childhood memory anyway.

I was looking on eBay the other day and saw some vintage 70’s ‘flower power’ material. I sent for it and when it arrived I thought that if I used every scrap of it, I might just have enough to make a skirt. I made the one shown below:

So the skirt at the beginning and the one at the end represent a decade apart, music had moved on, flower power gave way to punk, the goths, new romantics, house, acid house and so on. I’ve left out many genres along the way and there are songs that bring back memories of a long time ago that in my mind are one offs, they weren’t what I was in to but they stood out. The two below are good examples:

I found these in my record box. I remember that a friend and I learnt all the words of Rapper’s delight, and the one on the right is just so evocative of a time and place. It was a time of discos, dancing, dressing up (friends and I swapped clothes all the time to make our wardrobes go further!) and a time to remember best by the music I listened to.

I’ve left out more than I’ve included and I haven’t even mentioned the new bands and songs I like. There’s a lot of time and memories between then and now. It’s been crackin’ fun to reminisce and to dust off and play some of the more forgotten records in my collection, and it started by finding that old skirt!

Have a happy week xx

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Vix says:

    Your Northern Soul skirt is fantastic, how wonderful that you’ve still got it. The psych skirt you made is gorgeous, I’d have bought that fabric if I’d seen it first.
    Love your record collection, we share musical tastes. xxx


  2. It was perfect for dancing in, I found myself practising again, bit rusty though! We could have been at the same gigs back in the day 🙂 xx


  3. Lulie says:

    Cool skirt! And GREAT record collection


  4. Thanks Lulie and I’m glad you like my taste in music! xx


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