It ain’t what you do (it’s the way that you do it)

I didn’t really do much last week; when I got to thinking about what to write in this week’s blog I realised that there wasn’t much to say. I didn’t do anything particularly exciting so I decided to go through the week and think about what I’d achieved. Whilst there was nothing big I actually did quite a lot of small things that added up to a fair bit, so I thought I would record it here as a sort of journal of my week but not in any particular order!

I re planted the pots at the front of the house for winter, I chose a red theme for this year:


They look so much better than the straggly pelargoniums that they replaced.

For quite a few years we’ve made our own bread, it tastes lovely and is much cheaper. I decided that we would get a yoghurt maker so we could start making that too – we eat lots of it so it’s quite expensive. Done 3 batches now and it tastes good:


This is the latest one and it still needs straining to turn it into the Greek style yoghurt that we like best.

I have almost completed the granny squares for my latest blanket, just need to do the last few and sew them together and do a nice edge. I also cut up an old pair of jeans that no longer fit, they were straight leg so I had to patch it a bit to make a shopping bag, which is a work in progress but should prove useful:

The remnants of the jeans are in the middle photo and would make a nice pair of shorts if they still fitted me!

I made some lovely green tomato chutney. My tomato plants had a second wind and produced a new crop, I was about to weed them out so I’m glad I didn’t get round to it. We’ve had a few air frosts and so I picked them and put them on the kitchen windowsill but they clearly weren’t ever going to ripen. There was just enough for one big jar:


I watched the last ever BBC bake off, finished series 3 of Orange is the new black and started reading Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche which we’re reading in my book club. I read Half of a yellow sun by the same author which was excellent and a couple of chapters in this promises to be just as good:


Yesterday being Halloween, I carved my pumpkin and welcomed lots of young trick or treaters, all dressed up and accompanied by parents or old enough to come on their own in small groups and looking amazing. I then copied my friend (who by the way sent me a photo of a pumpkin she carved which looked so much better than mine!) and made pumpkin soup and served it with the roasted pumpkin seeds shown in the photo. I flavoured them with smoked paprika, black pepper and a little salt:


Finally, I had to include a photo of the soup made by my friend (the same one who did the smashing pumpkin!!) with one of the marrows grown over the summer. I got a few photos but this just looks so mouthwateringly lovely, it’s spicy marrow soup served with grated cheese and coriander – no wonder I copied her pumpkin recipes:


So, busy doing nothing ended up being more than I thought when I looked back over the week!

Have a successful happy week x

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Vix says:

    You certainly achieved a lot last week. I really need to get my outdoor pot plants sorted, they’re looking very spindly, too!
    Great crochet and denim remake. Love Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche’s writing, I must look out for that book in the chazzas. x


    1. I’m further into her book now and it’s really good. Thanks for your comment x


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