Upcycling for an Autumn look

Last week I found an old 1990’s black velvet mini skirt which still fit but had lost it’s appeal. I decided I would look for some material and upcycle it. I wanted to go for something that looked like this tree that I snapped whilst out walking the dog:

and I found this 1950’s material on eBay. I liked the match. I’m not loving the colder weather but I love the Autumn colours!!

So, after a bit of trimming and sewing, with enough velvet left over for a small bag (seen in photo), this is what I ended up with:

I made a necklace to go with it which you can see in the photo but in more detail below:

necklace made with glass beads

This was the skirt I started with… and the one I made:

It was ok but a bit boring and VERY short. Nothing wrong with that but it wasn’t something I would have worn again and I like the new look much better.

I’ve been recycling and updating a lot of clothes recently. I decided that I am going to buy as few new ones as possible this winter and try to use what I have to make new things instead. It’s been fun so far thinking of new ways to wear old clothes and they actually feel like brand new so I feel like I’m really treating myself at the same time!

Have a lovely week.

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