Brighton Rocks!

I’ve mentioned Brighton before, I love to visit and so last Friday we went for a night. My husband had booked it as a surprise and he got a very good online deal at The Grand. I’ve stayed there before and it’s lovely. Right on the seafront it faces the sea, a big wedding cake of a victorian hotel in the style of the Italian renaissance:


Just had to cross the road and have a look out to sea!


Saw one of these beasts swoop in and relieve a lady of her fish and chips!


It was so fast and from the rear she didn’t realise what had happened until too late, then all of its friends arrived to join in the party. She walked away laughing and slightly stunned.

The pier is always popular, I didn’t visit this time but the ruined West pier is just out to sea from the front and to the right of the Grand as you look out to sea. It cuts a very stark and skeletal figure. Here’s both of them to compare and contrast :

The beachfront is one aspect of Brighton and it has its own iconic status. For me though the best part is the vintage and artisan character of the place, exemplified by North Laine.  I spent a very pleasant afternoon wandering around , see below:

A few stops to watch the world go by in some lovely independent cafes. An evening of cocktails, just round the corner from the beautiful pavillion:

then a trip to the Rialto club to see a cabaret after a lovely meal.

Home again next day feeling refreshed and ready for the rest of the weekend.

Hope yours was good.  Enjoy your week.


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