Brian’s first trip!

We finally went away for a weekend in the caravan. We called it Brian after the snail in The Magic Roundabout.

We headed just down the road to a small rural caravan site in Suffolk, didn’t want to try to go too far for the first trip. It was very peaceful and quiet. We spent the weekend just relaxing, off grid except for the radio playing 6 music. There was plenty of time to read the papers and books, drink tea and coffee and walk the dog.

We made and ate a lovely pasta meal made entirely on two small gas rings and sat until it got dark, really dark like it does away from town, chatting over a few glasses of wine.

The bed was very comfy so all the re upholstery work paid off and it was even sunny. So all in all I can’t wait to have a proper holiday in it now.

It looked so lovely and retro sitting in a remote corner of the site:


An unexpected bonus was that it came with an awning, we thought it would be tatty or missing poles because it was thrown in free but it was great. It should go up where it joins the van but the van isn’t tall as it’s a pop top, so it sags a bit but it doesn’t spoil it and it makes the available space relatively huge! We sat in there to eat and relax in the evening.



I’m so glad we managed to get away in it this year, it was such fun.

Have a great week.

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