Simplicity Scandinavian Style

I nearly called this ‘anyone need a hygge?’, then decided that the term is becoming a bit hackneyed, which is a shame because taking pleasure in simple things, being cosy and enjoying the company of friends is perfect. Trouble is the term is everywhere, it’s even possible to go to hygge themed evenings which kind of defeats the object. In my opinion hygge should be personal, the cosiness of candlelight, a good meal and sharing. It’s difficult to replicate with strangers in a pub!

Another scandinavian term, this time Swedish rather than the Danish hygge, is lagom. With no direct translation it refers to having just the right amount. The state of moderation as perfection. I think it’s a lovely term and one that can instill a feeling of real contentedness.

With lagom in mind, a final note on my amazing marrows! The plants have finally stopped giving and it was a generous and appreciated crop. A final photo of the marrows showing a vegetarian stuffed marrow supper which was lagom!


Have a good week with lots of hygge and may it be lagom!

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