Shantay you stay…or, sashay away

My TV viewing at the moment consists of programmes that are already several seasons in. I’m into Orange is the new Black, just started season 2 and also RuPaul’s Drag Race.

I’m now watching season 3 of RuPaul. I love it. I love the exuberance of the drag queens, their determination and often this is despite, or perhaps because of, much prejudice that some of them have endured to follow their own individual way of life.

They look amazing and they are so committed to being the best they can. I watch the screen with my husband and we find ourselves saying the many catch phrases out loud, one of which, the title of this blog,  is what RuPaul says before deciding which of the bottom two drag queens in each week of the competition will stay and who will leave.

Last weekend we had a Saturday night away with our daughter and decided to go to Brighton to watch a bit of drag cabaret (she got us into the series in the first place). It’s nice for us all to meet up and go away together occasionally and Brighton is a favourite place of ours.

It was great fun, we saw two local shows in pubs, the first was by a drag queen called Miss Jason and the second was called Sally Vate. We enjoyed both and decided both, though very different in style had their own unique strengths.

Photos of our trip below:

The afternoon was spent wandering around North Laine browsing the vintage shops, the ‘postcard’ on the right was taken there.

We started the evening with a lovely meal at Casa Don Carlos ( so popular we had to book it a week in advance) and cocktails at Valentino’s.

All together a highly recommended short break.

Back to RuPaul before I sign off, some of my favourites so far have been; Pandora Boxx, Shangela and Raja. It takes strength to be different and be comfortable in your own skin. I applaud all Ru’s girls and I love the entertainment.

Have a good week.

2 Comments Add yours

  1. ratpip says:

    Can’t imagine RuPaul as Widow Twanky!


    1. No he’s far too glamorous!


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