When life gives you marrows…

Make marrow chutney!

The glut of marrows continues, I’ve given lots away ( someone left their marrow behind, you know who you are!), I’ve used them in ratatouille,  Spanish tortilla, stuffed them, grated them, you name it and I’ve served it.

This week the discovery apples are ready, they’re lovely, see below:


So I decided to make a whole lot of marrow and apple chutney.


I made about 10 pounds. The yellow one is more piccalilli like, it’s low on sugar and spiced with mustard powder, turmeric and mixed spice. The brown one is more of a traditional chutney, with sultanas,  ground ginger, allspice and mustard powder. I played around with the flavours and although they need a couple of months to mature properly, on taste testing they are both a thumbs up.

Just a short post today, an update on the marrow situation really, I’m  happy to report that it’s back under control thanks to the chutney. But, what a CROP, to a novice like me that was totally unexpected!

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