Finally finished the vintage caravan!

After a concentrated effort over the weekend the ‘van is finally finished.  It’s reupholstered using a tough chenille for the seat cushions and a retro print canvas for the back cushions. The kitchen end is painted white with yellow cupboard fronts and the rest of the wood had been rubbed down and re varnished.

The bed is comfy, the foam is very thick and has a layer of dacron and stockinette. Time to hit the road and try it out!

Here are some photos of the finished interior

Before the seats were put in

It was given a good scrub so it’s now spotlessly clean

The upholstered seats
The painted kitchen

It was such a lovely warm weekend that a lot of the rest of it was spent in the garden, cutting the grass and tidying up. It was so warm on Saturday evening that we had a leisurely supper outside – bliss!

My next project is an old chest of drawers, it’s small and dropping to pieces and may be beyond repair but it’ll be fun to try to do something with it and no pressure if it’s a failure!

Since its summer and I’m loving all the fruit, we’ve harvested all our plums this weekend and I’m eating lots of nectarines and peaches…This is a quote I found on pinterest that I liked:

you can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world,

and still there’s going to be somebody

who hates peaches

That’s so true isn’t it. All the more reason to be yourself and do the things you really want to do.

Have a good week x

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