What is art?

I got back from my holiday a few days ago. After a week on the south western Atlantic coast of France, we drove to Bilbao and visited the Guggenheim museum before returning home. The art there inspired me but so did the architecture. Some of the exhibitions made me think hard about what constitutes art. We were given an electronic guide to hang around our necks and at many of the exhibits we could tap in a number to hear an explanation of the meaning and thinking behind each piece of art. Hearing about what drove the work put it into context and made me think about it very differently from if I had just wandered past and looked at it. The process was as important as the finished work and it fascinated me.

I was already excited about the visit before I entered the building as that in itself was a work of art:


The inside was even more inspiring:


I saw this massive flower display outside and it was beautifully tended, all of the plants healthy and blooming, what an undertaking!


Finally, the gigantic spider by the artist Louise Bourgeois,  called Maman,  which refers to the artist’s mother  who was a weaver. It stands over 30ft tall and is awesome to behold:


I also felt uplifted by the breathtaking Atlantic coastline and took the photo of the skeletal tree on a deserted beach:


I think the colours in this picture work so beautifully well together.

So, after a thoroughly inspiring holiday it’s back to reality and the continued work on our little vintage caravan. It looked a bit dull so we decided to brighten it up a bit!

It’s  looking quite cheerful now, not art but an improvement I think.

So what is art? To my mind art is art so long as it inspires, makes you think and expresses something of the artist’s thoughts. I reckon that means everyone can have art in them, don’t you?

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