Upcycling therapy!

I needed to take my mind off things political this week, so a bit of Upcycling was called for. Having a project is a good way to keep me focused in the moment and that keeps me feeling positive.

I may not be able to change the outcome of political decisions but I can improve my surroundings! I need that at the moment so I  have improved an old pie crust side table I have. I’ve meant to do it for years and have never quite known what I wanted it to look like. I thought I would paint it cream but then decided to strip it back, stain and wax the top and paint the legs a dark smokey blue then wax them.

The top photo shows the removal of the black lacquer that was the original finish. It was a nightmare to remove and took ages. It left a strange colour on the wood, so I stained it American walnut then waxed it. That made it look much better. I then used a Farrow and Ball tester pot on the legs after undercoating them. Finally I waxed the legs and polished them up to give them a nice sheen.

It looks so much better and it cheered me up no end.

It’s Friday and I’m dancing round listening to the radio, thinking about what to do this evening. I think a trip to the cinema is called for, I haven’t  been for a while. Then I’m  off to France for a week on Sunday.

I  look forward to catching up after that.

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