A new project, involving a small, old caravan

On Friday afternoon I saw a small Eriba caravan for sale on eBay,  on the spur of the moment, after a short conversation with partner it was ours! We don’t have a tow bar so the seller kindly delivered it on Friday evening and now it’s going nowhere, it can’t without a tow bar obviously.

It looks cute, small and old, and it needs lots of work, I will need to develop new skills. I hope to make new cushions for example, hmm, I have no idea how but I’m going to try.

The photo’s below are how it looks now :

The orange flowery material was the upholstery, it was in holes, so retro though!

So this is my new project, could be fun.

If it all goes wrong I’ll just have to take the advice of this sign I put up in my garden.


And if all else fails, I’ll moan to the dog. He always listens!


He does expect a treat afterwards though,  usually manages to persuade me he deserves one too, butter wouldn’t melt!


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