Change is the only constant

It can be uncomfortable to realise that everything changes and it’s no good getting too complacent. On the other hand it can be energising to know that you don’t have to stay in a rut.

I’ve made so many friends over the years who have moved away and I’ve lost regular contact with. I still think of some of them very fondly and catch up with in letters inside cards at Christmas but lives diverge and you move on. I’ve lived in a few different towns and several different houses. I’ve had times when I’ve been financially comfortable and others when I’ve distinctly felt the pinch. I’ve felt content, unhappy, stressed, joyful and a full range of emotions between.

I’ve come to realise that you must live in the moment, that the small things can create the best memories and that it’s important to notice life rather than just let it pass in a blur. Life can be so busy and it’s so easy to rush through living for the weekend and missing the week.

I haven’t written for a few weeks, I’ve been busy working, it’s exam time and I’m a tutor so it’s my busiest time. I enjoy it but sometimes I need to slow down and notice more.

A good example is that the other evening I was walking through the beautiful city of Cambridge on my way home from work and I took the photo below. Spring has suddenly burst into action and it’s so lovely. What a beautiful sight in a city!  I just have to share it.


So my challenge to myself is to embrace change. To banish wistfulness and stop looking back and just be.


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