A weekend gardener!

The title is me, I love being in the garden when it’s sunny and warm and last weekend was perfect.

I decided to take up part of the patio and make a small vegetable bed using sleepers.


The picture above shows what it looked like before I started.

It didn’t look like a big job and I thought I’d be done by lunchtime. Ever the optimist,  it took me and my trusty apprentice, aka my husband the better part of a day.



It’s starting to take shape. So much more work lifting those setts than I thought it would be.

Finally finished and planted up with peas, courgettes, carrots and lettuces.

The dog was more of a hindrance than a help but he can be forgiven as he’s lovely.

Now just got to wait for them to grow, if the birds or pests (including dog here) don’t get them first. The adjacent bed had a very keen thrush digging around for worms the other day and a wren under the parsley looking for slugs, looked like it got some too.

Anyone out there enjoying their garden, time to put the kettle on, have fun!


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