Easter holiday reading

With the holidays coming up, having a good read is something to look forward to. I was discussing with friends how we like to plan our summer holiday reading and I thought I would set down a few books I’ve enjoyed that I think would be ideal for the spring break.

I’ve grouped them into 3 categories, see below;

Thoughts on life:

Both of these are good but since reading the Matthew Ricard book I’ve dipped into it again and again. He seems to have the formula for maximising happiness, as a state of mind.

simple living, self sufficiency :

All of the above are good for spring. The start of the growing year, fresh starts. I included ‘How I lived a year on just a pound a day’ because it’s a fun read, packed with ideas and Kath Kelly just seems such a positive thinking gal, I’ve read it twice – amazing because I don’t usually re read books, it’s not long and it’s uplifting, her attitude is great. I also dip into the food from the garden and allotment book endlessly.


A couple of feel good fiction reads :

There are so many books I could include here. I chose these just because they are so feel good. The Joanne Harris is the final one in the Chocolat series and if you haven’t already read them, its worth doing that first. I love to get book recommendations from people and choosing a new book is such a pleasure.

I hope you like some of these choices.

Happy reading!

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