If you can imagine it, you’re on the way to making it happen


I find these words inspirational. It has to be said though, I can’t always imagine it!

I think you need to decide what makes you happy and go for it. Sometimes life gets in the way and plans are definitely made to be broken but it’s better to try to do things in a way you enjoy.

I’m always interested in the way other people live their lives, it fascinates me that people can view things so differently. Even just amongst the people I know there’s a range of ideas about how to get the most out of life. For some it depends on lots of travel and holidays and for others, meals in many different interesting restaurants, yet others are very creative or well read. Of course most are a bit of everything, they’re my friends and family and they’re great!

I feel so much happier if I get plenty of exercise, especially walking the dog and also if I eat well but also if I have a creative project on the go. So much so that I often look at my possessions and decide to change how they look just to give me something fun to do!

I’ll be sharing some of the projects as I do them in future posts.

Have a good week x


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