Foraged fruits


Made from foraged fruits

Last autumn we collected lots of fruits to make jams, jellies, wines and sloe gin.

It gives you a real sense of wellbeing to make preserves, especially when it’s from food you’ve grown or foraged. The sloe gin, quince jelly and rhubarb wine were all particularly good and they’ve lasted quite a while and also been shared with friends and family.

I got into this way of living fairly recently, the last few years have been a bit of a struggle financially so I decided to satisfy my need for retail therapy by developing new skills. I found that I love doing up old furniture  and making things and as I got more into it, helped by reading others blogs, my need to spend has withered a bit! Not only that but surprise, I find myself less strapped for cash too.

Now I’ve decided to write about it by sharing things I make or upcycle/re purpose.  So hello and welcome to my blog.

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